Monday, December 05, 2011

Gin is a Harsh Mistress.

I have a love affair with Gin that goes back to my teenage years.

It started when I realized that if I brought Vodka, Beer, or, Rum to a party, others would help themselves to my beverages and deprive me of much-needed alcohol. When I brought Gin, this didn't happen. People would avoid that bottle like it contained some sort of poison instead of the distilled essence of Juniper berries. This worked completely in my favor, and Gin and I have been together ever since.

Occasionally this bites me in the ass.

Last night was a perfect example.

We had our Christmas Staff Party last night, and while I had a great time, I know I drank waaaaay too much. I wasn't sloppy drunk or anything, but I was in my cups pretty deep.

One of the reasons I've stuck with Gin for so long is that I can usually drink a lot of it and not have any real adverse effects. I run into problems when I mix other alcoholic beverages during the night. Gin is an exceptional drink, but it does not play well with others of its ilk. It really hated the tequila shots and beer my boss bought me, and being the jealous girl that she is, Gin is making me pay the price today.

Stomach? Ok.

Headache? Fuck yes.

Like someone has stabbed me through a frontal lobe, Gin is making me pay today. Advil and coffee have not helped my cause, and I think only time will ease the pain sweet lady Gin has inflicted on me.

I'm sorry Gin, I beg for forgiveness - I'll never mix again.



  1. Personally Im a Whiskey guy but I have battled with the Gin Gods before.... and on more than one occasion those gin gods have won! Cheers to a speedy recovery for you!!

  2. I had gin once, a few weeks before thanksgiving break under a bridge with two guy friends.. it burned all the way down but gladly didn't come back up. Never again, i'll stick to my rum.