Friday, December 16, 2011

Chasing Waterfalls.

Where battles are won and lost.

Like any family domicile, my house has a certain rhythm to it in the mornings

The ebb and flow of getting the kids up and ready for school, going to and from the gym, and either the Wife or I getting ready for work. Some days this rhythm is like an incredible orchestra where each section is perfectly in sync with the other and the music it produces is incredible to behold.

Other days it's like someone has given a chimp some pots and pans and allowed it to go wild.

Today was one of those days.

I have a double-wide shower in my bathroom. (The one off of the master bedroom.)

It's not spectacularly huge by any means, but it does the job. One of the great things about it is that there's enough room for me to jump in if I get home from the gym while the Wife is in there, quickly shower and jump out before she's done.
(Sorry ladies, guys just have it easier in the shower.)

It doesn't matter how much room there is in the shower though, since there is only one showerhead, and that's where timing is everything. When my timing is right, I can be lathering when she's in the water, rinsing when she's shaving her legs, and out before the water gets cold.

My timing was not right today.

Like a second chair jumping in a half measure too early, it was apparent that it wasn't working from the start. What usually is a seamless transition to and fro under the water became a jumble of knees and elbows, and I'm pretty sure she even threatened to punch me at one time. Being the kind-hearted individual that I am, (and the fact she was holding a razor and I was naked) I backed into the corner of the shower until she was out of the way. (And I deemed it safe to return.) She was in there first, after all, and she's getting ready for work while I'm just getting clean.

The second attempt was much better - rinse, lather, repeat and I was done.
Coffee - is there anything you can't do?

In order to make up for my error I did one thing and didn't do two. The one thing I did was make sure there was a cup of coffee waiting for her when she got out of the shower, and the things I didn't do were to restrain from snapping her with my towel and to avoid any semblance of the Helicopter Dance.

Bam! Rhythm restored.


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  1. I love showering with my lady.... though take my advice and dont pee when she is still in there with you!!! Trust me!