Sunday, September 11, 2011

Unfunny Papers.

I know it's September 11th.

Like everyone else, I've been talking with other people all week long and the subject always comes down to each of us relating our "Where I was" story.

We remember those who died in the attacks, those who perished trying to help others in the hours that followed, and those who were left without a Dad/Brother/Mother/Sister/Friend.

That being said, I turned to the comics today looking for something to lighten my mood.

14 of the 21 comics were all September 11th related. Morbid, depressing stuff.

I'm not asking for a lot, just something to put a uplifting spin on life. Leave the depressing stuff to the rest of the paper - believe me - the coverage was there.

I'm just of the opinion that the comics are there to bring a bit of brevity to the paper, and not just sink us deeper into gloom. If they weren't supposed to be funny, they would all be Family Circus.

And nobody wants that.


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