Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Today seems to be a day of rage.

I hear people howling for blood, demanding change, threatening boycotts and legal action.

You're probably thinking Libya, Egypt, or the fact that the U.S. isn't backing Palestine's application for statehood, right?


It's Facebook.

Facebook decided to revamp their layout again - this time it's more like a news page, with "Top Stories" and "Recent news" (I think I even Tweeted about it)- and everyone in my neck of the woods is losing their shit over the changes.

I'm almost ashamed to call some of them "Friends". (I use the apostrophes because their is a huge difference between Facebook friends and Real Friends - If you haven't figured that out already, stop reading, go grow up, and come back and read this blog when you have your big-boy pants on.)

The most impressive display of intelligence that I've seen is that people are doing one of those "Copy this into your Status" things to show Facebook their hatred for the changes. So let me get this straight - they are protesting their displeasure with the site by using it even more and encouraging others to do so as well? I'm sure these people don't understand the word "boycott". If that's the case it means you can show your Boss how much you hate your job by working harder and for less money - that'll show him.

Personally I don't care about the changes - except for the fact that Facebook thinks someone updating about their breakfast is a "Story of Interest to You" - so for now I'll just check in every once in a while until the rage dies down and people forget there ever was a change.

Just like they did last time.



  1. Love this article, i totally agree with you.. its just facebook, its not world news.
    I wrote an article on it yesterday

    if u wanna have a peek!
    thanks for urs

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