Monday, September 05, 2011

First World Problems.

- My alarm went off 30 minutes early because I hit the wrong button when setting it last night.
- Jumped in the shower, shaved, washed, and realized I forgot my towel - had to do the damp naked run to the linen closet.
- Made coffee, took a gulp, burned my mouth. (Not bad, but about the same level of pain as eating Capt'n Crunch.)
- Even with getting up early, left later than I like to and got stuck behind a guy who's previous occupation I assume was a tank driver in WWII - I judge this by age and speed of travel.
- The CD player in the car skipped during the whole drive.
- I forgot to bring my coffee to work. (If you know me, this is a MAJOR malfunction.)

I know in the grand scheme of things these are all "First World Problems", (ie. Compared to the starving child in Africa, my burnt mouth is nothing.) but having a day that's just continually full of shitty little things is quite maddening.

(As I type this, I know I'm sure to read a tweet later from the Home Office in Ontario saying how much he's enjoying the beer on his back deck.)

But now I've vented and moved on - the great thing about First World Problems is that they are easily solved. As for the kid in Africa, he'll have to wait until after my coffee.




  1. Don't mean to rub it in, but I'm SO glad that I don't have to leave my house for work... :o) Hope your tomorrow is better.

  2. I rate the Third World experience ad something akin to a Zombie Apocalypse; Upside, Truly stress and responsability free living/scavenging grocery store raiding and generally shooting everyone like a zombie. Downside, short life span, as in so short that a disease process wont even register on your radar.

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