Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gaseous Deception.

I stopped off to get gas today, and I'm pretty sure they're fucking me over - and I'm not just talking about my wallet.

I wanted to make sure I had enough gas to last until payday, so I only put $25 in. At $1.23 a litre, it doesn't take long to complete the transaction.

Except tonight it did.

I'm at the pump, nozzle jammed in the gas tank (get your mind out of the gutter), looking around aimlessly as the tank fills. I can hear it running through the hose same as ever, and after a moment or two, I glance over to see where the total is at. (Should almost be done, right?)

I'm only at $13.

I check the dollars/liters total and it seems to line up. But it took almost another 2 minutes to hit $25.

Now either I have the fastest sounding/slowest pump ever,


They're trying to hide how fast put money is going into the tanks by slowing down the whole process without making the pump seem slower. If $25 of gas only took 30 seconds to fill, we would all realize how fast they are sucking us dry. (Once again, get your mind outta the gutter - that's not the sucking I'm talking about.)

Genius, right?
Can't slip anything by me.

I've got my eye on those fuckers.


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