Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's the first day that both The Boys are in School full time.

It's also my day off.

I'm used to always having at least one of The Boys around on my days off, and having to feed, entertain, monitor, play with, and clean up after them. The most I ever get is an hour and a half alone while the oldest was at School and the youngest was in Preschool - I'd usually just head to the gym and get a coffee after - not much time to do anything else.

But now I have from 8:30am to 2:30pm completely wide open. It's a staggering amount of time to fill. Just today I have:
  1. Gone to the Gym and worked out.
  2. Ran for half an hour.
  3. Made myself breakfast. (Mmm eggs.)
  4. Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.
  5. Cleaned the Kitchen Counters, Cupboards, & Floors.
  6. Three loads of Laundry.
  7. Cleaned both bathrooms.
  8. Dusted and Vaccummed.
  9. Listened to Hollywood Babble-On on Smodcast.
  10. Had 2 cups of coffee.
...and now I'm Blogging - and I still have two and a half hours left.

I'm contemplating going out and mowing the lawn, which means I'll still have time to shower before I have to go pick up The Boys. But if I do that now, what am I going to do tomorrow? All this free time is going to drive me mad. (I mean, really - how much masturbation can one man take? Notice I didn't put that on the "done" list - you're welcome.)

I'm sure I'll find some way to fill it. There's always pressure washing the house or staining the deck - or I could go the lazy route and get caught up on all the movies and TV shows The Sidekick is always going on about. (Who has that much free time? I'd have to watch 3 movies a day for an entire year just to break even with the shit he watches.)

I think right now I'll just flip a coin.
Heads - Mow the Lawn, Tails - it's "special time".


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