Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Feel:

- That having 3 days off in a row is a blessing and a curse.

- That, next to masturbation, blowing away Zombies on the ol' 360 is the best stress relief ever.

- That having my kids in School allows me the time to do stuff for me.

- That not having them around for 6 hours makes me appreciate the time I do get with them.

- That true love is when you purchase shitty music for someone because you know they'd like it - even though it shames you to be seen holding the CD.

- That you know a Hockey game isn't great when you're hoping the puck flies over the glass and takes someone out just to liven things up.

- That reading the review of the Pearl Jam concert in Hamilton makes me want to see them even more.

- That I could post a link to the review, but I'm nobody's bitch.

- That when people talk to me about how fat other people are, it makes me feel skinny.

- That the reason old couples should stay together until death is because her overpowering perfume smell covers up his old man stank. (I work in retail - trust me.)

- That at times, I feel just as stupid about cars as most people do about computers.

- That because I've won the Cup in "Be a Pro" Mode in NHL11, I should just get NHL12 for free. That makes sense, right?

- That I'm not ashamed to say I don't own any R.H.C.P. albums - do I have to turn in my "cool" card now?

- That next to "Yay boobies" too much is being made of Scarlet J's leaked photos.

- That I'll admit I looked, but only because the link was there.

- That I would try to record a solo podcast, but I'm afraid it would come off as half Pee-Wee Herman, half Ted Kasinsky.

- That finding a way to end one of these is almost more difficult than hand-washing a cat.



  1. These are awesome and as always, right on.

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    Re: the Scarlett J pics. Cmon, man, what's the first rule of pron?

    - b

  3. First rule of porn? Isn't it that its only gay if your balls touch? I'm so outta touch nowadays.