Thursday, January 26, 2006

News Worthy.

Doesn't anyone read the real news anymore?

I find it astonishing to see how many people pick up the latest rag tabloid to get their news.
Why bother to find out what's happening in East Timor, Iraq, or North Korea when you could find out if Jen is fucking Vince? Who cares how the Patriot Act is taking away personal freedoms and liberties when you can get the latest on Brad and Angelina's love child?

Tonight at work I heard two people talking about who they thought was the better person in Brittany Spear's marriage. Oh, forget international or even local events, lets concentrate on skanky, trashy celebrities, and their domestic problems. Who fucking cares?

I think if more people paid attention to real life events instead of whose couch Tom Cruise is jumping on, then you would see a lot more get done in the world.

I know that most of that obsession derives from wanting to make some of our so-called betters more human, and to show that they do have faults, but I believe that if the energy used up by people to gather and publish this "news" was directed in a more positive manner, then some major world changes could happen.

What changes? I don't know - I'm too busy watching Entertainment Tonight.


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  1. People don't seem to care anymore do they? I think it has something to do woth people wanting to see celebreties fall. People like the trainwreck and they want to see people who are famous have more troubles in their lives than they do...I do agree that people need to pay more attention to the real world, but how do you get them to care about elections and wars and stuff when Brad is adopting Angelina's kids come on that has to be more important than a terrorist organization winning the Palastinian election this week....