Sunday, January 22, 2006

Intelligent Conversation.

I think that one of the things I enjoy most in life is conversation.

I'm a talker. Always have been. I'm at my best when involved in a debate or discussion. I think that one of my best traits is my ability to (mostly) articulate what I'm thinking at any given moment.

In any conversation there is some level of give and take. Intelligent conversation is the equal exchange of ideas and insights communicated through speech. One can share experiences or thoughts, and absorb the information presented to them by their counterpart.

It drives me crazy when people can't express themselves with any degree of coherency, or they are unable to have an opinion, much less state that opinion, on anything. Inversely, there is nothing more exciting or intoxicating than meaningful, intelligent conversation.

I'm not saying that each discussion involves solving the world's problems, but there has to be something more than just talking about the weather.

A good conversation is like a good meal. They both have substance, but one nourishes your body, and the other nourishes your mind.



  1. Hmm.

    Looks like rain.

    So, with the race divided between body and soul (The Dionysians and the Athenaeds?), do you think the other guys (the clueless and the seperatist, or maybe Epimetheus and Menoetius; I'm kraken up) will get any votes at all, or will half the votes on either side be sheer 'fear' votes?

    I'll be marking my X long after it's already been decided, but I'll try and pretend it matters anyway.

  2. What type of a meal would a good conversation be? A hearty breakfast? A turkey dinner? Or something rich and delicious, like a nanaimo bar? The type of conversation of course depends on the place and the person involved. Now, imagine combining the person and a meal together; what a delight for the senses!

  3. Rose, dear, when you suggest combining a person and a meal, I'm not sure whether you're advocating Eating People, or if you've segued right into the Blue zone.

    And I'm really not sure how I feel about either, for completely different reasons.

    Most of them funny.

  4. The blue zone?