Saturday, January 14, 2006

Crime For Dummies.

Big topic at work today.

The liquor store across the parking lot from where I work was robbed last night.

It seems two gentlemen thought it would be great fun to go into said liquor store and hold up the joint, armed with a baseball bat. The two ladies working at the time complied with their wishes and the thieves departed in a white Bronco. ( Kinda like OJ?) For some reason, a customer decided to follow the criminals, but gave up after their vehicle was shot at.

The criminal masterminds then ditched the vehicle, (which did not have it's real plates on it, the plates belonged to a Ford Tempo,) and escaped on foot. The RCMP then brought out the dogs and from the vehicle , tracked one of the suspects to his own trailer. When he was questioned, he gave up the name of his accomplice, and both men were arrested.

Why do I mention this?
Because these guys were stupid with a capital S.
Why do I say that?
  • Because the store they robbed was less than five miles from where they both live.
  • When they ditched the Bronco, they ran right to their own house. Not far from where they left the "getaway car"
  • The plates on the Bronco? - the Ford Tempo was registered to the trailer the suspect was found in.
  • One guy had been out of jail for less than a week.

Now I'm not advocating criminal acts; but c'mon, watch some Law & Order or even NYPD Blue - half of the stupid stuff they did is the shit people get caught for on TV. If you didn't know that dogs can track your scent, you're a retard. Using your own plates to disguise your escape vehicle? Way to go McGyuver.

Thank God nobody was hurt, 'cause idiots like these are the type that do hurt people when committing these types of crimes.

The fact that one guy re-offends right out of jail? I'll put that in the "Blog later file."

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  1. Anonymous10:41 am

    I got your stupid criminal right here:
    - busted tail light
    - no proof of ownership - stolen?
    - expired plates
    - plates from another car
    - 38 fucking kilos of coke

    So, if you're gonna smuggle like $6mil of coke over to manhattan, try to steal some plates which aren't expired to put onto your stolen car, okay?