Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Betting On The Wrong Horse.

Have you ever wondered if you are in the wrong religion?

Most devout people believe that their chosen faith is the right one. The Catholics feel that they got it all over the Jews, and both of them tend to laugh at the Muslims. There are actually people in each faith that feel so strongly in their convictions that they are willing to die to further the proliferation of their beliefs, or do anything within their power to convert others to their chosen ideology.

But what if the general population is completely off track?

What if there is some out of the way religion that actually has it right?

It can't be the Mormons or Jehovah's, they'd get too much self righteous satisfaction if it was them.
Atheists aren't right either, 'cause that's like saying you won the lottery because you refuse to buy a ticket.
The Amish? Good Lord I hope not.

But how do you know that your beliefs, no matter what they are, are the correct ones? It would totally suck to stand before God and have him say " When did I tell you to sacrifice a chicken? No, No, You've got it all wrong." And then He gives you the boot. (Providing He's a He; lets hope he is, otherwise I know I'm in big trouble.)

It would be a total shame for every major religion to turn out to be full of shit.

Probably turn out to be 5 people in Norway who got it right, and have all the room in heaven, just because you decided that Jesus was crackers and grape juice.

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  1. let's hope that as long as we have lived a "good" life, we aren't just worm food.