Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cranky Pants.

Ever have a day were just about everything really pisses you off?

I've been grumpy and bitchy all day, and I really don't know why.
I'm not usually short tempered, but just going into town today and having to interact with other people just drove me nuts.
I can't even say that there was anything specific that was done, I've just had a shitty day.

I guess you have to just chalk it up to the seasons, the weather, the changing of the tides and maybe a slight touch of male PMS. (Is there such a thing? If there isn't, I call dibs.)
Hard to find a solution for that one.

Maybe I'm just tired.
Maybe I need a nap.
Maybe I need a beer.
I'd check my horoscope for tomorrow, but it probably says "Rinse and Repeat."

We'll see.



  1. Quick Pick-Me-Ups
    a)Turn on the Foo Fighters
    b)Become Dave Grohl
    c)Look at yourself in the mirror
    d)Say "Yeah, I'm a sexy beast"

    a)Get some ice cream
    b)Find any chocolate concoction availble at hand
    c)Over the ice cream with deliciousness
    d)Eat it really fast
    e)Relish in the brain freeze/sugar high

    a)Watch Futurama-pretend to be Dr. Zoiberg
    b)Pinch someone with your imaginary claw
    c)Watch Family Guy-pretend to be Peter
    d)Giggle profusely at idiotic words;for example, "weiner"

    a)Have a mental breakdown and run around screaming in the rain
    b)Make mud snowangels
    c)Get really cold from the rain and have a hot bath. Baths are the answer.

    Hoping your day turns out better
    Ms. America

  2. 1) If I could be any man, It would be Dave.

    2)Nothing wrong with this idea. But wouldn't Reese's Shell be better?

    3)Already watched both tonight. ( DVD baby!) Pinched myself, giggled like Peter.

    4)Baths are your answer to everything.

    It's getting somewhat better.
    Captain America.

  3. Okay, if not bath, how about an almost painfully hot but oh-so tantilizing shower. I'm jealous of your DVDs; I'm relying on the cartoon network for my fix.
    I actually had the pleasure of ingesting some of the delectable Reese's Shell while watching Sex and the City. Oh, Sex and the City..... I've discovered that television effectivly replaces studying.