Friday, January 06, 2006

Just Call Me....

Mr Smith.

Just watched the movie.
I know I'm gonna get it from my friends who read this, but I really liked this movie.
The pacing was great, the little comedic bits were funny, and those two do have a lot of chemistry.

And Angelina?

I'd hit that so fast and so often, it would be like my regular sex life, except with some sort of satisfaction attached. (Mine, not hers.)



  1. Um, I agree. I seen it the other weekend when I was out. Yeah, the two have chemistry, and she's sooper hot except when she was continually bugging out from HQs.

    Yeah, I'd hit it. She's not as hot as in Hackers - shut up, dude, she totally was - but still muy caliente here.

  2. I just read this on Fark:

    I'd hit it so hard that anyone who could pull me back out would be proclaimed King of England.

    Laughed my ASS off at that one.