Saturday, January 28, 2006

Addiction & Subtraction.

I've talked about weakness and I've spoken about Kryptonite, but we've never discussed addiction before.
Everyone is addicted to something, even if they don't want to admit it. Some are addicted to smoking, others can't stop watching "American Idol", and then there's me: He of Many Addictions.
Some of my favorites:
  • Coffee: No shit, eh? Anyone who has met me wonders if the cup is surgically attached to my hand. I only drink about 4-5 cups a day, but that's healthy, right? I heard somewhere that caffeine is good for you. I don't know where, I can't recall it, but I know I did, it wasn't just a wonderful fantasy.
  • My own sense of humor: I know I'm funny. The shit I say cracks me up. I know not everyone may agree with this, but it's just that they haven't reached my level of addiction. Yet. Soon people will roll in the aisles at my slightest word.
  • E-mail: It's not that I write a lot of e-mail; it's that I check it about forty fucking times when I'm on line. Doesn't matter that MSN notifies me about Hotmail, or that Outlook and Gmail all have notifiers sitting in my System Tray, I still check it, just in case someone has missed sending me a piece of spam.
  • Blogging: Damn you Bish, for opening my eyes up to this. I make it a point to blog everyday. My day is not complete unless I can sign in and spew my thoughts into the ether. Who would have known that I'd be compelled to type whatever random shit pops into my head........ Well, anyone who didn't actually know me might be surprised.
  • Gum: Yes, I'm a chewer, have been ever since I started smoking. It just intensified after I quit. And since I'm in the public sector, I'm very aware of the fact that skanky breath = not cool. With the amount of coffee I ingest, it's a practical addiction as well. Plus it pays to have minty fresh breath if you are gonna be locking lips with the ladies.
  • Animated T.V. : I'm not talking about that weird stuff from Japan, although there is some that is cool. I'm referring to shows like Family Guy, Futurama, and Ren & Stimpy. ( Yeah, I said Ren & Stimpy, wanna make something of it?) Any animated thing that somewhat reference or parodies pop culture? Give me a chair and a coffee, that's where I'll be.

So what are some of your addictions? Do you love to do laundry? What about sports? Who can't stop touching themselves?

Come on, tell me all your secrets.



  1. I contributed to your downfall?

    That's so cool.

    [x] Earn a US$1200 restaurant bill
    [x] Have the FBI Call, looking for me.
    [x] Have a computer blow up nearby

    Ah, here we are:
    [_] Partially ruin one person

    Isn't that part of a story? I'm not talking about the line from Fight Club, but isn't the intentional ruination of a man the central theme of a popular classic? Help me out, Rose!

  2. My Green 4GB Mini Ipod-Wherever I go, it follows in tow. I've become dependant; I need it during class, on the bus, while I run. Music motivates me; it helps me zone in and zone out.
    Writing-be it my blog, my journal or an English essay, I am addicted to recording my random thoughts and insights on life.
    Movies-My prefered form of entertainment. A good movie can make my day, week or even month.
    Talking-I have an opinion about everything, and would love to share it with you.
    Shopping-Yes,like any and every woman, I am addicted to retail therapy. My favorite items to buy: food, shoes, and records.
    Eating-I like to think I have a high metabolism. Honestly though, I need to eat all the time; I'm constantly craving furhter nourishment. Maybe it's pyschological. Probably.