Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It Burns.....

You know, one thing I've noticed recently is that my fuse is getting awfully short.
( That's not a shrinkage joke, either.)
I've found that lots of things in life that I used to just let slide, now really, really, piss me off.
You've read some of them in this blog.
( I hope you have, if your not a long time reader, that'll really make me mad.)

See? That's the shit I'm talking about.

Five years ago, little meaningless shit didn't upset me. It was "water off a duck's back" as they say. Of course, five years ago I was getting laid a lot more than I am now. ( Do you think there's a connection, Doc?... Do ya?) But sex notwithstanding, I was a lot more easygoing then. Nowadays just the sight of stupidity or ignorance sets me off.

Is it because I'm getting older?

I'm not angry all the time, I just find that sometimes it's the smallest thing that just frustrates me and sets me off. I'd give examples, but I don't have that kind of time.
Just picture " Complete contentment" and one second later, " Raging Psycho" or something to that extent.

Maybe I should drink more.

Maybe I should smoke "The Herb".

Maybe I'll just chill.

Fuck that, bring on the rage.


  1. Or maybe have your thyroid checked.

  2. damned stupid unaccountable kids. You know we're getting older, eh?

  3. The thyroid's a good idea.

    With my luck, they'd check it through a rectal exam. (Ouch!)

  4. and aslo with your luck you would enjoy it....

  5. so does that make you gay?