Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thrown Clear.

I've always been horrible at wearing my seat belt.

I was born in the frozen tundra of the north, and it wasn't until I moved to B.C. at age 12 that I ever encountered a mandatory seat belt law. (Up north, if you are in an accident they figure you will came into contact with soft, fluffy snow at some point.) It boggled me, and in my rebellious nature, I refused to do what "The Man" told me.

I received a lot of fines when I got my Driver's License.

My explanation? I plan to be Thrown Clear.

See, once I've been ejected from the car, I'll be away from all the dangerous pieces of burning metal. I'll be able to get assistance, or go back into the wreckage and attempt saving any potential survivors. Me not wearing a restraint is so that I may help others.

Why don't the cops see it that way as well?



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