Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Ain't Easy Being Pretty...

You know, I've always had a problem with the A-Team. It's bothered me since 1982, and I thought I'd get it off my chest.

- It's not the improbable plots.
- It's not the sub-nuclear style explosions in which no one dies.
- It's not the fact that they had to drug a black guy to get him on a plane.

My Problem?

Hannibal "gets the girl" in most of the episodes.

With a piece of ass like Faceman hanging around, why would any woman in her right mind pick crusty old Hannibal to swoon over? I bet he smelled like Old Spice and Ben-Gay. Just because the motherfucker was Banacek don't mean shit.

How much disbelief do they want a ten-year old to suspend, anyway?

I can accept the crazy guy flying the plane. I can see why nobody but B.A. drove the van. I can even see how the U.S. military can't find them for 10 years. But to believe that the buxom farmer's daughter thinks cigar smokin'- safari jacket wearin' Hannibal is the hottest thing going?

Too much for me.


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