Monday, August 13, 2007

My Lawn.

I tamed and slew the mighty beast,
The verdant field of green.

It chopped it down and watered it,
It's got a lovely sheen.

Weeds were whacked
And bags were filled
As I worked long and hard.

Afterwards I cleaned up
And went out to the yard.

The sun beat down upon my head,
The sweat upon my brow.
I knew I'd be done someday,
If not, I'd buy a cow.

The grass is so much greener
Upon the other side.
I'm sure he cheats at watering,
That Motherfucking Guy.

But now my work is done,
And I can rest and play.
The lawn is good for now at least,
Until about Friday.

Until that time I'll nurture it,
Treat it with love and care.
It's sad that my lawn gets cut
More than my own hair.


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