Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's The Beer, I Fear.

I golfed well today.

What's surprising about that, you ask? Well, I was half cut while I was doing it.

I got invited to go for golf (and beers) from my boss, so I accepted. I did well last time I golfed with the Sidekick, so I figured it couldn't go too bad.

After the 1st beer on the 2nd hole, things started to loosen up. My swing came around, my chipping was brilliant, and my putting sucked like usual. After polishing off beer #4 on hole #8 I was feeling no pain.

(Yes, I'm a chubby guy - but I'm a lightweight when it comes to booze lately.)

Now, two hours later and having stopped drinking, all I have is a shitty headache.

I think that is why I used to over-indulge when I drank in my youth. It wasn't that I'm not a socially responsible person, it's that I was trying to avoid the discomfort of the headache. It's not the greatest excuse, but I'll stick with it.

But if I continue to golf at this pace, I might have to take up drinking as a regular pastime again.
Does anyone have any Advil?


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