Sunday, August 05, 2007

Paper Trail.

I think I've found the first truly addictive game for the Wii.

Funny thing is, I've avoided playing it before this because I thought it would be shit. (I didn't even rent it, The Wife did, and now I'm hooked.)

When I first got the Wii it was new and shiny. But Wii Sports dies off pretty quick. Virtual Bowling is about as fun as real bowling, and I don't want to do that every day.

The cool thing about this game is the 2-D/ 3-D flip you can do. Things that look completely impossible in 2-D are simple maneuvers in 3-D. It really makes you have to think about each puzzle you have to solve. Keeps me interested enough, and that's all I ask.

There is only one thing that bugs me about this game. Talking and cutscenes. The story is hokey and strange, but it's all the explanation they try to give you that is maddening. I swear I sat there and pressed a button for 5 minutes just to get through the introduction. Guess what? Peach has been kidnapped! Isn't that the start of every fucking Mario game ever made? Why are we re-iterating this? Is it someone new to the series who's picking up the game? Probably not. (If it is, they're gonna wonder about the princess-saving-plumber shtick.)

But it is a fun game. And since I haven't finished it yet......

I gotta go.


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