Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hold the Mayo.

The Boy cracked me up today.

I was home for lunch and was enjoying a sandwich. The Boy had one as well, a special one that he had bugged his Mom to make for him. I was eating mine, and after a bit he was just poking at his food, as 4-year olds are wont to do.

This didn't please his Mom, who kept telling him to eat his food and not play with it. In my parental role, I backed her up on this call. He continued to poke at it and not really attempt to finish the sandwich. Mom stressed that she put a lot of time and effort into making the special sandwich for him and that it was rude not to eat it. She said that it would hurt her feelings if he didn't eat what she had made.

He immediately started to chow down on the sandwich - which was a good thing. He was also smiling at me and laughing while he did it. I quietly told him it was good that he was eating, but asked him why he was laughing.

"I'm pretending it's a different sandwich Daddy. A good one."

I just about choked from laughing so hard.

God that kid makes me laugh.


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