Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's a momentous day, folks.
720 posts - hereby shattering all previous posting records.

But it's tainted.

You see, I've been using flaxseed oil steroids.

I saw people who were putting up more and better posts than I was and I got greedy. I didn't want to be overshadowed by these guys and I decided to follow them down the path towards fame and glory, no matter what it took.

Sure, you say - Blogger doesn't test for steroids- they didn't even say it was illegal to post with them until just a while ago, and then testing has been spotty at best. But I thought it would be good to come clean. I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday, after all.

It's hard to say how much the chemicals actually helped me post. I was already prolific and successful before I started taking them - it's not like the talent wasn't already there. I think they just enhanced my stamina and consistency - I would have reached this milestone eventually without any help - I'm almost sure of it.

The people I want to apologize to the most is you, the fans. I know that you've believed in me, and that you've stood by me during all the hubbub. There are those of you who will find no fault in what I've done, just seeing it as making an already uneven field just a little more balanced. And I know others feel that I should be banished from the site that has treated me so well.

But we can't make what I accomplished go away. I shattered a record that stood the test of time - even the years when every poster was doing the juice. Unless you have me (and others) test after every post, you aren't going to be sure about the guy who breaks my record. The system is broken, and until you fix that, every record for every poster should be questioned.

An asterisk doesn't make what I've done go away, it just draws attention to itself on the page.
Put the information out there and let you, the fan, decide.


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