Friday, August 24, 2007

Sit 'N Go.

I'm Addicted.

I used to just play online at random tables.

But the general public - when playing online Poker - are a bunch of schmucks. It drives me nuts just to play five minutes. I just couldn't deal with the high level of retardation.

Then I found Sit 'n Go tournaments. They don't take as long as the regular tournaments, because instead of 8000 players, there are anywhere from 9 to 45. The play is a lot more serious than regular table Poker, and the games can be done in quick enough fashion that I'm not in front of my computer all night. (Like that's a change, right?) Plus, the games crop up every minute or two, so I don't have to plant my ass in front of the monitor at a special time.

I've been doing really well in them. I've won 3 and placed "in the money" in at least eight or nine. I've only washed out early 3 times, and one of those was a ( horrible)bad beat. So I'm proud of my play. I don't think I'll go back to regular online Poker unless it's just to kill time.

I've got to go, there's one starting ...... now.



  1. Sit and Go's are uch more fun when you win ACTUAL money sir haha....

  2. I smiled when I read your starting words... "I'm addicted!" Yes, once you get into sit 'n go's they can be very addictive, especially if you are good at them. Single table sit 'n go's have the lowest variance of all of the full table tournaments, so they are perfect for players trying to build an initial bankroll.

    Good luck at the tables!