Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Movie Madness

I'm so far behind on my movie viewing.

Between what I've bought on DVD and saved with the good ol' PVR, I have about nine or ten movies that I have - but still haven't seen yet.

Quite sad, really.

It's tough to find two free hours nowadays. I like the Sit 'n Go Poker because it's usually less than an hour. I can squeeze that into my day. But movies? Don't make me choose between Poker and movies.

If I had the time, movies all the way.
(Unless it's live Poker - than I'm not even looking at the TV.)

The way I see it, God won't let me get into heaven until I've seen every movie I own. (He's not a cruel God - he won't take me before then.) So what does this mean, essentially?

I'm never going to die.


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