Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm More Dangerous..

Than a kid's toy from China.

Seriously - I don't worry about lead in the paint on toddler toys, or swallowing hazards from Batman playsets. Why? Because my kids know not to eat paint and stick Robin's bat-a-rang in their mouths.

There's problems with Polly Pocket as well. (Lawd! Not Polly!) Your child could swallow one or more of the magnets that are embedded in them. (If your child works hard enough to dig the magnet out, should they not get the reward of twisted bowels that go with it?)

Parents just have to watch their children, and show them what is acceptable and what isn't. If you suspect your child may eat a magnet or ten, don't buy toys with fucking magnets in them. One of the first things a child should learn is : Don't eat what you don't know.

But lets blame China and the Manufacturers. It's a lot easier to cast doubt on them than it is to look in the mirror and see what kind of parent you are. It's almost to the point where wrapping your child in foam is a viable parenting option. Pay attention to your kids and what they do.

But keep an eye on Korea, too. You never know if they are going to attack our youth by putting radioactive screws into the Buck Rogers Commando Playset.


P.S. Read the article? Beaver County? That would be a sweet place to live.

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