Friday, January 12, 2007

With The Legs...

My Legs are killing me.

Not only are they sore because I've ran 2 miles on the treadmill each of the last two days, (In 20 minutes each time! Personal best.) but they are sore from all the lifting I've been doing at work.

We've been doing a lot of spring cleaning and reorganizing at work, and a lot of it is some heavy shit.

I'm one of those people who tries to take care of their back, and thus I do attempt to lift properly. But after running at the gym and then lifting/ moving a bunch of stuff, my legs feel like noodles.

I think I'll lay off the treadmill tomorrow, and give my legs time to recuperate. If I was really serious about recuperation, I'd call in sick and sit on my ass watching movies. I could say it's the WCB recommended way to safely avoid leg strain. (Think they'll buy it? Neither do I.)

Maybe I'll just rest these chiseled calves and tight quads for a bit; watch some Futurama or Harvey Birdman and chill. That'll do me good.

Lest this blog start sounding whiny and bitchy about my body, I'll tell you one good thing:

My Package looked great when I got out of the shower.

Too much information?


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