Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Crack In The Armor.

So I'm at work and someone asks me an inane question.

"Who would win in a fight between Batman and Spiderman?"

The world seemed to go hazy and then I began to speak.

Not only did I explain who I thought would win, but I listed several plausible reasons for why they would win this imaginary contest.
I listed the balance of power, strategy vs. ability, and how terrain might impact the outcome.

After I finished speaking, I realized what I'd done.

Being caught unawares, I revealed my geekiness to people who never even suspected I could be as bad as I am. The suspicions would soon arise. (I almost feared Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds would pop out and start yelling "Nerd" at me.)

Let me set this straight. I've never totally hidden the fact that I'm a geek. The main difference between me and your regular geek was that I was getting laid as a teenager, and always chose the female species over playing D&D. ( I wasn't much of a D&D guy - not visual enough for me.)

I've always kept the geek part of me buried, and only exposed small bits to some people, with only a few knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes. I might let one person know that I'm handy with computers, and another would know that I used to collect comics. But that's all they knew - and I made sure to never reveal more than I had to, until today.

Why was I asked the question in the first place? Because the Twin owns a comic store. These people figured I might have some residual information. But I over exposed myself. I might have to take drastic steps to restore my image .

(I'm debating on either beating up a really nerdy guy or having sex in the middle of work - that should put of any doubts as to how manly I am.)

I'll build up the wall again. Never fear.


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