Saturday, January 06, 2007


Our society is always looking for someone to pin the blame on. There always has to be a scapegoat, someone to point the finger at, no matter what it is.

The roof of B.C. Place Stadium had to be deflated the other day because of a tear which soon became a Big Ass hole. No one was hurt, and the roof is going to be patched.

Immediately the media was all over it. Not only reporting what was happening, but looking for who's fault it was. Management, Building Personnel, Computers - someone is going to get their ass handed to them.

Funny how Mother Nature's name never came up. (That Bitch)

There are two or three human-error type things that could have caused the trouble they had, but everyone seems to forget the fact that the roof is over twenty-three years old, and has worked great for the other 8395 days.

But someone has to pay, right? The media will continue to probe and dig until someone loses their job. Can't we just admit that a twenty-three year old balloon roof finally popped? And maybe we can say that a roof held up by air is really just a dumb idea?

(If anyone is going to lose their job, it should be the guy who had that plan.)

But lets wait to blame someone until something substantial can actually be proven. Baseless speculation is just retarded. I'm impressed that it was handled so well, no one was hurt, and that they were able to minimize any other damage.

But blaming someone for doing a good job?

It'll never happen.


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