Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last Beer At The Save-On.

The Sidekick and I went to The Tragically Hip concert in Victoria last night. The concert was good. (I wasn't converted like he had hoped, but I do admit a grudging acceptance.) I guess I can't laugh and roll my eyes anymore when someone mentions their name.

The concert was the reason for being there, but it was nice to just get out.
I will admit the beer was flowing freely, and I did enjoy myself.

I was able to snag the last 2 beers at the Save-On Centre due to my quick thinking and previously mentioned ninja-like abilities.

The Sidekick and I downed our first two beers while the opening band, The Sadies, were playing. Then we heard about horrendous lineups at the concessions so decided to wait a bit to go. (We were amused by the antics of Drunk Native Guy 2 Rows In Front. He was jumping, leaping and waving his jersey in the air. I'll let the Sidekick post about DNG2RIF; he could sum it up better.)

Soon The Hip came out and we forgot about the beer for a moment. Or at least the Sidekick did. After a while, my bladder wouldn't let me forget about it. I headed to the can and thought about getting more beer. The concert had been going for a bit, so I figured the lines would be short.

They were short. They weren't selling beer anymore.

The Save-On's license for alcohol sales ends at 8:45. My watch said 9:10. They were just trying to serve the last of the people in the line, and had cut off the line by having an old guy hold the end of some police tape while the other end was tied to a post. (High Tech, eh?)

People were getting pissed and trying to sneak under the tape and get in line. There were two or three guys who were just there to deal with those people. I had a better solution: I wouldn't go under the tape - I'd go around the old guy.

I waited for my chance and when some drunk (more drunk than me, anyway) guy started yelling how much of an asshole the Security guys were - I skillfully sneaked around the old guy and took my place in line. I must have been like a ghost, because nobody even batted an eye.

The line moved along and by the time I got to the front it was just me and the 5 people on the other side of the counter. (Now that's customer service!) I ordered my beers, paid and turned around to see the same guy still freaking out that they wouldn't serve him booze.

As I walked passed him to the concert floor I took of the lid and had a sip. I looked him in the eye, smiled and said "God, that's cold beer!"

Then I went back to see the show.

God I'm an asshole sometimes.

I know the Hetro-Life Partner is going to post about the concert and his thoughts on it. I said it was a good concert, and I mean it. The bar afterwards was just insane, and I'm not even going to post about that. (I have not been so drunk since our Summer Staff party, that's all I can say.) My Hangover is testimony enough.


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