Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Fortune Cookie For You!

So I attempted to make Wonton Soup tonight.

I've always wondered why I had to pay 8 bucks for soup. It seemed to be mostly broth, with the wontons just floating around. I thought I could make it for half the cost and probably do a better job of it.

Sometimes I seriously overestimate my culinary skills.

Those little fuckers are tough to make.

It's a pain in the ass folding them all up into their own little wrappers and then boiling them until they are just right. Mine turned out okay - not Iron Chef okay, more like Tin Chef or Pewter Chef. (They were pretty good, but I'll admit the restaurant ones are better.)

There has got to be some trick to wrapping those little buggers. Some Ancient Chinese Secret or something. I tried to use my ninja-like donut abilities, but pastry does not transfer well to soup.
My fingers are cramped from all the wrapping and folding. I'd rather wrap fourteen Christmas presents than fold up ten wontons again.

But like I said before, it all turned out well.

And if I learned anything,I at least came away with some different ideas for next time:
  1. Try some shrimp mixed in with the pork. It should add to the flavor, give it a richness that this batch didn't seem to have.
  2. Buck up and pay the eight fuckin' dollars for real soup.


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