Monday, January 22, 2007

2 Hawt 2 Handle.

How much heat can you take?

I used to hate eating spicy foods. I was one of those who would scream that the heat was unnecessary, that it covered up the flavor of the food. I avoided the hot stuff like a fat kid avoids exercise. (The only exception was Cappicola ham on a pizza - mmmm.)

But lately in my life I've been turning up the heat.

I find that I enjoy it more now. Be it marinades, curries, anything - I like it hot.

My digestive system? Well, I normally treat it pretty well, so it can take the hit every once in a while. A little rumble in the jungle is sometimes worth it for the flavor.

My main problem is that sometimes my version of hot differs from other peoples: I had a taco salad today (with hot salsa) that damn near burned my face off. After I finished breaking out in a sweat, the rest of the meal was fine. (The heat of the salsa was fine, it was the amount of salsa on the salad that killed me.)

I'm still not crazy like Dana in the Home Office - I don't put tabasco on my eggs. I think it must be an Ontario thing. But almost every other food can be spiced up. (Except Peanut Butter.)

So how hot do you like it?
Can you take the heat or do you stay out of the kitchen?


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