Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Telecommunication Breakdown.

My phone hates me.

I think it's physic, psychotic, and out to get me.

It only seems to direct calls to me when I'm least able to get them. If I'm in the bathroom with my hands full (don't think dirty thoughts) it then chooses that time to ring. It can't wait until I'm done.

It doesn't want me to get any messages either. It seems to sometimes cut messages off just over halfway through. It waits until there is some pertinent information forthcoming, and then it shuts off.

I'm still it's slave though. I scamper and scramble every time I hear it ring. I dance and weave like a puppet to it's bell-like tones. It never occurs to me to make it wait - to come to it on my terms.

I'll break it's spell on me yet.
I need an old priest and a young priest....


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