Friday, January 26, 2007


Sometimes surprises can be good things.

When I use my iPod, I tend to just go with the playlists that I have made. Depending on what I'm doing, I'm usually doing it to a playlist.

But today I hit "Shuffle" and was rewarded.

I tend to just throw music on the 'Pod and forget about it. There is a mishmash of songs on there that I forgot I had. With all the up-tempo stuff I have for my workout playlist on there, who would have thought that I'd stumble across some Counting Crows? (Don't roll your eyes Joe.) And to stumble across New Way Home by the Foo? I forgot that I had it on there!

It was nice to break out of the mold.

Don't get me wrong - Playlists are great and a wonderful part of the iPod experience. But it's great to be surprised with your own music. I recommend that people get their shuffle on maybe once a week.

I'm tempted to hit that button one more time....


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