Friday, January 19, 2007

Dodged A Bullet.

A long time ago, I made a bet.

A Co-Worker and I were debateing on weather or not you can drink 4 liters of milk in a hour and keep it down for another hour. I said you could, and he was telling me that it's not possible. He said your stomach cannot hold that much.

I bet him I could do it.

We had set up a date last week, but then my Poker Night was scheduled for the same evening. I told him we'd reschedule and do it another night. We picked today, but now Poker has been scheduled again.

I was going to try and do the bet and still make Poker. So I decided to use my friend The Internet to see how I can best accomplish this task.

After reading for an hour and checking many sites, I have come to this conclusion:
It can't be done. (Not without throwing up at some point.)
There are people who can drink it and keep it down, but eventually they do hurl.
I'm not going to spray the felt at the Sidekick's so I'm going to man up and call the bet off.

I just don't like puking all that much.
Oh the Co-Worker will razz me and try to get me to do it, but with the information I have, I'm not going to try the attempt.

The money I give up for not doing the bet?
I'll win it back at Poker, naturally.



  1. We bet Dave Gomboc in 1994 that he couldn't drink al itre of milk in a minute, and then keep it down -- I guess a minute was implied.

    He lost. The body's naturally gonna reject that much lactose, since it's now kinda no good for us. Now, that is.

    1. Anonymous9:03 pm

      Rob Vollman bet Dave Gomboc that Dave couldn't drink 3 litres of milk within 15 minutes. Dave won the bet, and his reward was that Rob bought him all-you-can-eat pizza at Pizza Hut that night. However, as Dave staggered slowly over to the washroom to relieve himself, someone yanked open the door from the inside and almost ran into him! Lurching back quickly was too much, and back up and out some milk came! While Rob and Dave mopped up the spill, Rob laughed mightily and told Dave that watching that happen was well worth the price of the pizza buffet! So, it ended up as a win-win scenario.