Saturday, January 20, 2007

Place in line

People can't seem to understand the simple concept of a line.
How it works, where it starts, and their role in the line.

It it so hard for some to just keep pace and help the line move along?
There is always someone who is either not paying attention and not moving forwards when they should , or inversely, is so close to the person in front of them that they can achieve maximum anal penetration with minimal effort (if they so chose.)

I find this very frustrating and disruptive to my orderly world.

I think that if you can't use the line as it is supposed to work, you should be excluded from it. Cast out and made to fend on your own in whatever chaotic group you find yourself in. Have fun getting anything done then, assholes.

Really, it doesn't take all that much intelligence to figure out.

The next time some asswipe in the Tim Horton's drive-thru can't follow the simple yellow arrow on the ground, I'm going to yank them out of their vehicle and just tell them to go home. They obviously don't belong here.

And that cellphone he's been nattering on?
I'll shove it so far up his ass he'll have to check his voice-mail by means of his pancreas.

Follow the rules of the line.
Don't deter me from my coffee.
That is all.


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