Monday, October 03, 2005

What Is And What Should Never Be

You know, I was so infatuated with the Very Pretty Girl that I completely forgot to mention how the concert was.
(By the way, the Very Pretty Girl has yet to contact me, except in my dreams.)

So... Robert Plant, supposed Rock God, lead singer of one of the most influential bands in rock and roll, and idol to millions of 50- something's who wish they had their youth and hair back.
What can I say about finally seeing this legend on stage?
It was a letdown.
I guess I was expecting too much. I know that he's gotten older, and that I should not expect him at his peak form, but I would like the occasional Zepplin tune to at least sound like a Led Zepplin song. I firmly believe that the number one rule for all artists and musicians is: Give Them What They Want. I know that you may not want to play D'yer Maker for the fourteen thousandth time, but you know what? That's what we want to hear. It's what I paid 60 bucks for. I did not come to see Robert Plant cover Bob Dylan. If I wanted that, I'd pay a street musician to cover Robert Plant covering Bob Dylan.
I know that you are going to do some of the songs from your new album and that's OK. But when you do launch into some of the songs that made you famous, you think they would be at least on key and not all messed up because you think some guy in your band is shit-hot on the sitar. And who brings a fuckin' mandolin to a rock concert?
Thank god the opening band, The Trews, were awesome, and in my opinion, kicked ass all over the headliner. And that was with half a stage and mediocre lighting.
I guess going to Pearl Jam less than a month earlier had something to do with my disappointment. Plant should have watched a video of that to see how a concert should be done.
Enough negativity, I'm outta here.


  1. Dood.

    That's so sad. I think I also woulda been a crazy RP supporter and paid to see his show because I, too, forgot that the guy's all old and stuff.

    Better to burn out.

  2. It goes right along with what I have been thinking lately about the Stones, although they can still perform well and put on a good show, but you have to know when to quit...apperently Robert Plant doesn't....oh well at least we will always have Zepplin II....Ramble on, now's the time the time is now to sing my song....