Tuesday, October 25, 2005

If It Was Me, I'd Be Pissed.

Just had a thought: If I was Bill Watterson, the creator of "Calvin & Hobbes", I would be totally furious that there are a bunch of rednecks driving around with a picture of my creation pissing on stuff.
That has to drive him nuts. I mean here you are, the creator of a beloved icon in the comic strip world, your driving behind some guy's Ford and see Calvin on his back window pissing all over the Chevy Symbol. Would you stop the guy? Get out of your car and demand he remove this material? It's an obvious violation of copyright laws. I think I'd try to hunt down the creator of those and sue his ass off.

What is it in the mentality that screams " This is cool!"? Why not just get some paint and write FORD SUX across your back bumper? And why is it always car company or the like? You don't see someone with a house full of Ikea stuff waving signs that say "PIER ONE BITES!!!."
I'm all for stating your opinion, but do it in a more tasteful way.

I hope Bill sees this blog.
I hope he contacts me and says he likes the way I think.
I hope he sends me a present for my outspoken ways.
That is all.

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  1. Mr W knows about the peeing Calvin rip-offs. He's as angry about their use as he is that they're poorly done by several knock-off artists.

    Since he's been all but a complete recluse for the last ten years, granting only an e-mail interview just the once to promote the final C&H collection, I think he will not respond here.

    If you want that nice big collection for christmas, you may have to be a really good boy for santa. Come sit on santa's lap.

    Here's something funny.