Friday, October 28, 2005

Trash Tv.

Now let's get this straight from the start.
I don't watch Maury Povich. The wife does, and sometimes I'm forced to be in the room at the same time that this show ,(for lack of a better word,) is on.
Now the topic today seems to be a reoccurring one on Maury..."Who's My Baby's Daddy?"
It may seem like Maury would have to really do something special to find people willing to go on TV and put their child's paternity on the line, but it seems like they show up in droves.
The show goes something like this:

Maury: Why do you say this man is your baby's father?
Trashy Whore: Look at the eyes! Look at the lips! Of course that's his baby! He just bein' a no good dawg, an denin' his responsibility!
Slick Rick: That ain't my baby Maury. First of all that baby's black, and I'm half Puerto Rican on my mother's side.
Maury: But you are black.
Slick Rick: Why you gotta bring race into this Maury? Why be a hater?
Trashy Whore: Just admit it is your baby and give me money to go to the Sizzler!
Maury: And the results are in. In the case of 5 month old Shaniqua Jermanie Lateesha Jackson, You are ...

And then Maury reveals the child's paternity. Now one of two things seem to happen. Either the father jumps up, yelling that he was right and the mother is a dirty whore, while she cries in Maury's arms, or the mother jumps up and points in the face of the guy, demanding that he accept his responsibility and praising to everyone around that she was right in her quest for Paternal Justice.

Now the part that amazes me is there are women who have shown up on this show approx 6, 7, or 11 times! With the state of modern technology, especially ultrasounds, that can pretty much pinpoint the date of conception( plus or minus a few days), why would there be much confusion?Can you not remember who you slept with within that week? I can understand 1,2,or even 3 guys, but 11? That's almost two guys a day for the whole week! Did you forget about that gang bang you were in? Was it a present for the football team?

Unfortunately, 95% of the couples on the show are black. They do show the occasional white couple, but if I was a leader in the black community, I'd be asking Maury to lay off for a bit.
"Come on Maury, just skip a couple of shows, do some of the ones with the Fat Kids or Disabled People Overcoming Disabling Disabilities, first we have to deal with Kanye, and now this shit too!"

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