Sunday, October 16, 2005


I'm not dissing Milf's, nor am I stating the unacceptability of Step-Dads. I totally forgot that the Hetro Life Mate has a Step-Dad, I just think of him as Joe's Dad. I think that marriage changes the dynamic, as you are now legally accepting responsibility for the kids.

What I'm saying is that just because you date a girl who has kids, doesn't make you the father.

Yes, you maybe doing a better job of it than the guy who originally planted the seed, but until you make that commitment legal in some way, don't talk to me about the trials and tribulations of raising a family. 'Cause you know what? At any time, if you felt uncomfortable or unhappy, you can just walk away. You owe nothing to those kids. If I ever leave my wife or whatever, I still have an obligation to my son, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

I have never been in that situation, having never dated a woman with kids,(and more power to those hot single mom's out there who do date) I'm just not sure how I would handle it. I think I would be tempted to discipline the kids to my standards, and that probably wouldn't work out.

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  1. Man when did this place get so serious!? do bring up a good point though that just because you take care of some kids now and again for your gilr friend don't make you a father, thats like saying just becuase I like James Brown and Jazz that I'm black, yes sir, the Naacp is sure going to let me join the brotherhood!..This whole topic just leads me to think of our mutual friend,"I guess cause now that I inherited some kids that we can hang out more cause we have so much in common!!? good god! just caise your banging the mother and are helping buy the kraft dinner dosen't make you the father of the year. Your right show some responsibility.