Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Winds Pickin' Up...

Well there is another Hurricane possibly headed for the United States.
This makes the 12th Hurricane this season.
You know, I live in an area that has (usually) great weather and although we do have big storms here, I have yet to see something truly life threatening.
Yet it always amazes me when they interview these people on TV who keep saying "We will rebuild." I can understand if it happens once or maybe twice, but how many disasters do you have to live through before you feel you are pushing your luck with the man upstairs?
I think my magic number would be two.
I mean, you get your livelihood and possessions wiped out once, fine. Insurance will cover it, and it's only material goods after all. But if there was suddenly another major storm coming up into the area again, like a year or two,( or in the case of the U.S. lately, every six weeks,) I would say "Fuck it," and just pack up and leave. I mean why tempt fate? Will my job pay me danger pay to live in such a dangerous area? Probably not. So why live there? Sun, sand, beaches with bikinis? You can get those almost anywhere.
(And even more so in Port Alberni.)
I think I'm gonna need this one explained to me.
Please don't tell me that people stay because of a job. Is that why the guy at Taco Bell is still there? Because of his commitment to serve fine quasi-Mexican food at low, low prices, no matter what the dangers? Bullshit. I will accept financial hardship to some extent, but after your shits all destroyed, why not take the assistance the Government gives you and get the fuck out?
I'm not saying that everybody who rebuilds is a retard. (Obviously that's not the case or there would be some fucked up looking buildings being built.)
I'm just saying that if it was me, all you'd see would be the ass end of my vehicle as I was headed for the interstate, moving on to greener pastures.

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  1. Amen, brudda. The caribbean is a great place to visit - or so I'll tell you - but living there through a hurricane or two is just out of the question.

    Keep a skeleton crew manning the resorts, but that's it. Really, no one with half a brain should live within 100 miles of the gulf coast ... oh, wait a minute.

    Seriously, dood, this part of this country is truly the best place on earth so far.