Sunday, October 09, 2005

Turkey Day

Big fan of Turkey. Not the country, but the bird. Pluck it, clean it, baste it, chuck it in the oven, surround it with tasty morsels that complement it's incredible taste, and then call me to the table.
There's only one thing I enjoy eating more than turkey, and that's pussy. But since my family would freak if I did that at the table, and the knowledge that gravy will burn a woman's tender parts, prevents me from attempting that over the holiday weekend.
I kinda like that there's a holiday that basically celebrates food. I know, a lot of you are saying that Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and be thankful for all the good that has happened in our lives this past year, but really, who even likes half their family anymore? What are the people in New Orleans thankful for? It's nice to say that it's good to be alive, but how do you have a family dinner when your dinning room table was looted, and there's two feet of mold on all the silverware?
It's all about the food. Savoring the smells, flavors and textures of each dish. Slipping gleefully into the "Turkey Coma" on the couch afterwards. Soups, sandwiches and shepherds pie for days on end, and even that little bit of disappointment when you realize the last leftover is gone.

I may have trouble posting after this, due to my possible inability to squeeze behind the keyboard, or the danger of not being able to get my lazy ass off the couch.

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