Thursday, October 27, 2005

Jesus was a Bad-ass.

You know, I've always heard that "History is written by the victors."
It got me thinking.
What if Jesus wasn't really so great?
What if he was just a guy who did some nifty parlor tricks, scammed a few Jews, but in the end, had this great PR team that totally controlled the media of the times to view him in a sympathetic light?

"We'll tell the people he's there for them, that'll get them crying in Bethlehem."
" I got a better idea, lets say his dad is in charge of the Legions and he'll be pissed if they mess with him."
"Why don't we just say he's the son of God?"
"Sounds good to me, Ted. Let's run with that."
"I'll get it out on the early morning tablets."

I'm just saying until someone successfully time travels, we are never going to know what this guy was like. Imagine if you traveled 1000 years into the future and G.W. Bush was worshiped as the second coming of the Messiah?
What if the guys who wrote the Bible were the equivalent of Fox News?

I'm sure Jesus was a great guy. I would have loved to be around to meet him. But there must have been some bad days. Days when he got tired of all the apostles hanging around. Days where he was frustrated and inadvertently kicked a leper, only to have it hushed up by the liberal media. Maybe he did more than was reported with Mary Magdalene, and the PR guys just changed it to "washed her feet". Who knows? I wasn't there and neither were you, and the only account we have is a book that is partiality made up from fairly tales.

Those that have a problem with my views can click here or here.

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  1. I hear he was really popular on the Promotional Speaking tour circuit.