Monday, May 21, 2007

Wiiness Envy.

So I bought a Wii.

I know I mentioned getting one before, and I even predicted that I would get one before I got my desperately-wanted Xbox 360. It turns out that I was right after all. (Shows me not to ever doubt myself.)

I haven't had much time to play it yet, having only created a Mii and played some Baseball in WiiSports. (My Mii is hot and sexy for the ladies, just in case you wanted to know.) I 'm going to hook up the Wi-Fi and see what all the fuss is about with the "Channels". I might even be able to blog from the comfort of my couch.! Joy!

Why did it get the Wii instead of waiting and getting the 360? Cost and impatience were the two main factors. I knew I wanted one, and I had saved enough money for it, so I just went and got it. I'll just start putting my poker winnings towards the 360 now. The other deciding factor is that I don't have an HDTV yet. I want to experience the 360 in full 1080p glory. The Wii looks great on regular T.V. (As soon as I get the T.V. you'll hear me moaning about mot having the 360.)

I'm happy with the purchase, and only have a small amount of Buyer's Remorse. (That's unusual.) I'll probably rave all about it at a later date, but right now I have to get this set up and running.

Right now it's all about Mii.



  1. so you getting an Xbox 360 depends on your poker skills and winnings?....good luck wiht that..hahahaha...have fun with the wii

  2. Being a serious non-console player - I guess we can't call them 'cart platforms' any longer - I was pleased at the non-thumb aspect of the wii, at least based on the ads so far.

    I like the image being presented, one of people getting up, jumping about and getting joy out of DOING SOMETHING vs sitting on the couch eating chee-tos and working the hell out of their thumb-joints in a zombie-like state. That's nice. Hey, it's the only game toaster I'd ever want kids to have in their options.

    Good on ya. Post again and tell us whether the Wii is crushing the competition for the right reasons.

    VW says 'vnphgh', which may be zombie-speak for 'hey, the 360 is still cool.'