Monday, May 28, 2007

Technological Throwback

I'm always surprised at people who aren't aware of how the world around them works.

Now I can sympathize with the elderly, who can't be expected to have great insight into every modern breakthrough. If you were a kid and T.V hadn't been invented yet, you get a free pass in my books - I'm just glad you can find your way around. (And amazed that you found my blog.)

But everyone else? You all drive me crazy.

I've dealt with two or three people in the past week who don't understand how a bank machine works. One lady thought that even though the machine denied her cash request because of insufficient funds - it would spit the money out after she left. I had to convince her that the machine wouldn't - nay, couldn't do that - and I don't think she believed me. (I must have really wanted her 40 bucks.)

Trying to explain to someone that their card doesn't work in the debit machine because the line is down from their bank to our bank - it's only temporary, but they'll have to use another method of payment: "What do you mean the line is down, the Bank is just over there!" (Points down the road.)

The impression that I get is that some people just think it's all Magic. It's almost like a technological Dark Age and those who know how things work are the new Wizards of the world. I don't think it's necessary to know the inner workings of a computer or be able to draw advanced schematics of the space shuttle, but just know how the basic things in your life operate. I'm shocked at the amount of people who couldn't care less how it works - they just expect it to work. (Have fun troubleshooting your HDTV setup, buddy)

At least keep the forks away from the outlets at home.

Or maybe not, you'd be doing us all a favor.....


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