Friday, May 11, 2007


I enjoy the iPod.

I use it while at the gym, mowing the lawn, or walking to work. The ability to have my music where I want it when I want it is a welcome relief.

But once again, I just don't understand people.

Three separate times today I witnessed people wearing headphones (ear buds, or whatever) in places that I didn't expect to see them.

  • There was a lady at the Grocery Store today who was walking around, wearing her headphones while she pushed her cart around. I can understand not wanting to be disturbed while you are shopping, but she wasn't even able to hear anyone behind her trying to get by. I looked her in the eyes and said "Hello" and she didn't even begin to respond. That's just rude.
  • I witnessed a guy driving on his motorcycle with his headphones on. I'm pretty sure that not only is it a violation of the motor vehicle code, but pretty stupid as well. How loud would that have to be to hear it over your bike engine? Bye bye hearing.
  • Went out for dinner tonight. While at the restaurant, saw a busboy/dishwasher guy come out from the kitchen, clear some tables and head back. He had his headphones in the whole time. What kind of job is it that lets you do that? How can you have any interaction with your fellow employees when you can't hear them? What if a customer had asked hiim something while he's out on the service floor? "I'm sorry Ma'am - Jimmy can't hear you, he's rocking out to My Chemical Romance." Great excuse.

So like everything else, I think the iPod has it's time and place. I'm going to go out of my way to say hello to every person I see with earphones on. It seems as a society the art of face-to-face communication has been lost. We text, e-mail, and tune each other out. ( I do my best work face-to-face.) It has to stop.

Turn the volume down and say hello.


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  1. busboys like that need dishes winged at their heads.

    Okay, maybe just a nasty sink cloth. "What? I said 'hey Mike'"