Thursday, May 17, 2007

Just Run It.

I have a horrible habit when it comes to Poker.

If it ever happens that I fold a hand, (and I do, occasionally) I like to run the cards anyway and see how it turned out. Sometimes this is a good thing and sometimes it's not.

It's great when I see that I would not have hit anything or that I made a good fold to a possible stronger hand. This improves my confidence in my play and makes me feel good about the decision I made.

It's bad when I see that I folded a weak pocket pair and hit trips on the flop. It's worse when I see that I folded a straight or a flush. (Why do I want to question my reason for folding 2-3 suited to a raise that's four times the big blind?? I wonder sometimes too.)

When I see a lot of that, it starts to drive me crazy and makes me play more hands - therefore lessening my chances of going home with cash in my pocket. I start to play hands I previously would have folded, and sometimes end up paying the price.

I'm getting a bit better about controlling the urge, through - so hopefully my play will improve. (Not that I've been doing bad - I could just be doing better.)

So next time I get the urge to run it I'll try to distract myself somehow. Will people mind if I bring porn to the table? (C'mon, what else is going to take my mind off cards?)


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