Saturday, May 19, 2007


I have a slight confession.

I wasn't a Transformers fan in the past.

I was more G.I. Joe - and playing with robots that pretended to be cars and stereos seemed a little retarded to me. (The G.I. Joe cartoon was far superior to the Transformers one, and that did help influence my decision precess.) But I tolerated the robots intrusion into my Saturday mornings, and G.I Joe needed to kick somebody's ass, so why not a robot? It all worked out in the end.

Cut to 20 years later.

I have an appreciation for the Transformers and thier place in early Eighties cartoons and toys. I'm not the rabid fanboy that some are, (Sidekick) but I do know the lore and can see what others find so appealing about it. I had heard that there was going to be a live action Transformers movie - I'd even seen some pictures. I wasn't too impressed.

Then I saw This.

It seems really cool, and gives me hope.

Hope that maybe there will be a kick-ass G.I. Joe movie after.
(Fuckin' Robots.)


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