Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Calling All Cars....

Lately I find music a bit frustrating.

There's not much out there that intrigues me, and when I do find something, I'm too late and public radio starts to destroy it just weeks after I've discovered it.

I have to either get way ahead of the radio in terms of finding new music, or just give in and fall beneath the behemoth that is Top 40 radio. (Most of the music I'm finding is Canadian, so it's not popularity that screws me so much as Canadian Content laws.) Keep in mind I'm forced to listen to local radio eight hours a day.

I've tried downloading free stuff off iTunes, but the mediocre tends to outweigh the good. I'm stuck waiting until those bands I do love put out some new material. It's driving me mad.

What I need are suggestions.

Let me know about a band so ahead of it's time that to hear of them will make me disbelieve that you are sane. So groundbreaking that I'll be able to enjoy their stuff even after the local radio gets done with it.

(You can't say the Foo, because I already know about them.)

Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope.



  1. In all honesty...The Kings Of Leon my friend...you won't hear that on the eagle....but you haven't listened to me yet about them so this is probably in vane...

  2. I have thought a little more about this. Maybe the trick is not to look forward and get ahead of the curve that way. Maybe the trick is to look back, and I don't mean at your love of the hair metal...look further ,embrace classic rock my friend...maybe we should discuss this over breakfast at ricki's....