Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Doesn't anyone just listen anymore?

Nobody seems to appreciate silence of any kind.

I'm not one for long meditative pauses, but too much verbal diarrhea is just sickening. (Almost as much as the regular diarrhea I would imagine.) And there is one person in particular who is driving me nuts.

I'll call her Mrs. X. - I've spoken of her before, I think, and it wasn't favorable that time either.

Mrs. X. is the type of coworker who has to say something to you every time you pass by her at work. It doesn't matter if you crossed paths 5 minutes or 2 hours ago - she has to say something. Whether it's a comment about the weather or a random observation, ("Back so soon?") Mrs. X is compelled to say it to you. In a relatively small business like ours, it's quite maddening when you see each other repeatedly through out the day. But it doesn't deter her. She can't help herself.

I've tested it a couple of times.

Once, I walked by her every two minutes for about a half an hour. I made it a point to go out of my way and cross her path. Every Single Time she said something. I varied replies from cheerful to sullen, from lengthy to terse - it didn't matter. The last five times I didn't even say anything - I just glared at her. She didn't even flinch as she fired of yet another inane saying.

I had the joy of overlapping lunch with her in the break room. I walked in, sat down, and looked at my magazine while I played Poker on my cell phone. I made a point of not even looking up at her, and yet she still started chatting away to me. My only replies were grunts or silence. It didn't matter. She was on autopilot - rambling away to some conversation only she can understand or care about.

My results? - I think that somehow she must have a rare inner-ear infection that makes silence cause her actual physical pain. That's the only explanation I can have for the constant stream of shit that comes out of her face.
(The above findings are not scientific in any way, but I just liked calling them my "results".)

I've prescribed a muzzle for her or complete avoidance on my part.

(I'm working on the latter and hoping for the former.)


Song on My Mind - "Can't Kick the Habit" By The Spin Doctors.

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